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The 'Shape of Events' Report

Author(s) (if known): Richard Smith and John Gallery
Year published: 2021
Published by: BVEP
Publisher location (city or country): United Kingdom
Summary of research content/aims: This report has been produced by the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) and sponsored by davies tanner to support both its partner organisations and the wider event industry in the UK. It provides an insight into the complex eco-system that we all work in and how that complexity has impacted on our ability to manage many of the challenges that Covid-19 has thrown at us. Not least of these is the rapidly changing nature of the communications, regulations, guidance, and advice that we must cope with in order to prepare for and then deliver safe and compliant events once again across the UK.
Keywords: event sector, covid 19 impacts, recovery,
Limitations for access: Open access
Cost to access?: No