Nick Morgan, Vice Chair - Commercial Opportunities

Chair of the UKEVENTS Outdoor Events Working Group

Nick is CEO of We Are The Fair and We Are Placemaking. Nick, who founded the agency Group in 2000 has over 23 years’ experience across large-scale Event Production, Licensing and Health & Safety within public realm, large scale events and festivals. He is a council member of NOEA, sits on the AIF Board, is a member of the NTIA and strongly believes that the ‘informal events’ industry, an industry that brings in over £5 billion/year, should be championed, developed and supported by Government. The independent festival sector is close to his heart and The Fair are the largest independent festival production house in the UK working across 128 shows. Nick often speaks on and facilitates discussion on topics that include managing growth, independent festivals, The Experience Economy, Government advocacy, Placemaking, Licensing and Health & Safety.