mia - Service Charge Best Practice Guide

mia - www.mia-uk.org/ 

The mia has issued new guidelines on services charges. 

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NPCC Guide to Working with Police at Events

NPPC - www.npcc.police.uk/


The NPCC Events Operational Advice was issued by CC Harrington to all forces in 2018.

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Positive Impact Events

Positive Impact Events - https://www.positiveimpactevents.com/

Positive Impact have developed a FREE template raodmap to guide organisations and individuals towards more sustainable business practices. It includes some basic instructions that can help create your own Roadmap. https://www.positiveimpactevents.com/our-resources?category=Roadmaps

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In November 2018, Positive Impact also released a whitepaper 'Telling the Story of the Power of Events: How Events can be used to Achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and What This Means for the Global Event Industry'. 

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Sunshine Events - The Essential Guide to Planning a Fundraising Event

Sunshine events - https://www.sunshineevents.co.uk/planning-a-fundraising-event/

Online guide produced by Sunshine Events, including three sections: Introduction to fundraising, Planning and event; and How to increase donations.

Essential Guide to Planning a Fundraising Event


The Purple Guide

The Purple Guide - http://www.thepurpleguide.co.uk/

‘The Purple Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events’ was originally published by the Health & Safety Executive but taken over by EIF in 2014 with their support.  It is considered to be the main reference source to health and safety by the events industry and is used widely be enforcement agencies as well as event organisers.

The Purple Guide

The Purple Guide Lite

The Purple Guide Lite - http://www.thepurpleguide.co.uk/index.php/purple-guide-lite   

The ‘Purple Guide Lite’ is a sister publication to the ‘Purple Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events’, which EIF took over from the Health & Safety Executive in 2013. Developed with the support of industry experts from all sectors, the ‘Purple Guide Lite’ aims to provide the basics that event organisers need to consider when planning even small events with only a few hundred attendees.

The Welfare Handbook

The Welfare Handbook - http://www.thepurpleguide.co.uk/index.php/welfare-handbook 

A comprehensive new guide to Welfare at Events published alongside the Purple Guide by the Events Industry Forum.  The new guide, which has been written by welfare specialist Penny Mellor, draws on the experiences of a wide range of welfare organisations to provide a set of guidelines for providing welfare services at events, such as concerts and festivals.  It also contains guidance for event organisers about providing welfare services as well as downloadable forms that can be used by those providing these services (e.g. lost property etc.).  This is thought to be the first time that guidance on welfare services has been made available and it is hoped that it will lead to greater consistency in the approach to the provision of these essential services.

UK Guide to Working in Safety Advisory Groups

epc - https://www.epcresilience.com/media/it-s-here-national-guidance-the-revised-uk-good/

First published in 2015, the guide has been extensively updated to reflect current risks and challenges in the events industry.

Essential reading for event organisers and anyone involved in staging events. This guide will help you deliver consistently safe, secure and enjoyable events. Take a look - it could really make the difference between an enjoyable success or mitigated disaster.

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