Events Industry gets behind ‘Events Apprenticeships’

Events Industry gets behind ‘Events Apprenticeships’

The EIF (Events Industry Forum, a not-for-profit organisation) has made a substantial funding contribution to to help it develop and promote apprenticeships in the UK events industry.

The funding has been provided by EIF from sales of the Purple Guide, the go-to guidance for organising outdoor events which is widely used both in the UK and increasingly overseas.

Events Apprenticeships is the UKEVENTS led initiative, set up to pull together and develop event industry related apprenticeships across the sector, from logistics, production, rigging, lighting, fabrication, security etc.

The aim is to support companies in understanding the value and processes associated with employing apprentices and to promote event apprenticeships to the wider community, to enable people from all backgrounds and ages to gain experience and relevant professional qualifications within the events industry.

It also aims to break down barriers to entry, specifically where experience is required, and to attract a new broader pipeline of talent in addition to the university graduate route.

Richard Waddington, on behalf of Events Apprenticeships said: “We’re extremely grateful for the support and commitment EIF are showing us, along with our many other industry partners. Our industry is facing a massive challenge in both recruiting, developing and retaining talent within our sector. With the industry now starting to work together to develop apprenticeships, they will become a well needed route into driving greater diversity and inclusion."

Steve Heap Chair of EIF said: “Richard presented the vision for Events Apprenticeships to the Board and all the hard work the EAAB (events apprenticeships advisory board) have done to date, which is phenomenal for a group of volunteers – apprenticeships and awareness of them is paramount for the future of our industry – we all need to get out there and bang the drum to drive this forward. EIF are extremely proud to be supporting this industry initiative and working with them to take it forward.

EIF is particularly keen to encourage young talent into the outdoor events industry through structured training that will give them a career path for life."

Events Apprenticeships have been set up to influence the way apprenticeships are perceived and drive forward innovative and creative work, to ensure that more individuals and businesses can access the benefits and to understand, they are not just for entry level roles but are there to support ongoing career development. Events Apprenticeships has been set up to help companies understand this and access the government funds available.



Events Apprenticeships

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More on EIF and the Purple Guide
The Events Industry Forum represents the UK outdoor events industry and publishes the Purple Guide, the guidance formerly published by the Health & Safety Executive which is widely recognised as the key reference source for managing events outdoors.

Membership of the Forum, which operates as a not-for-profit organisation, is made up of event industry trade associations and representative organisations. It also has an Associated Membership of enforcement agencies and similar bodies who meet regularly to discuss issues of common interest.

More on Events Apprenticeships
EA is an industry wide not for profit initiative working across the industry from festivals, shows, exhibitions, events and supporting industries etc. It is led by a volunteer group The EAAB (events apprenticeships advisory board) who are developing, evolving and promoting event industry related apprenticeships.