EIA responds to Business and Trade Committee inquiry on export-led growth

EIA responds to Business and Trade Committee inquiry on export-led growth

The Events and Industry Alliance (EIA) recently submitted a response to Westminster’s Business and Trade Committee’s inquiry on export-led growth.

The cross-party committee of MPs is using the inquiry to examine how well equipped the UK is to achieve the Government’s target of £1 trillion worth of exports by 2030. It will also consider how the UK can take advantage of export opportunities in emerging technologies and critical international supply chains.

The EIA’s response offered an introduction to the business events sector and outlined the ways in which the industry is a British success story fuelling travel, tourism and hospitality whilst acting as a catalyst for growth by bringing together investors, innovators and customers from around the world.

The response also featured more detailed insight into the opportunities for growth that already exist due to the large number of trade shows that cover key policy areas of interest to UK policymakers.

The EIA used this as an opportunity to attention to the difficulties that the industry has faced when trying to galvanise Government recognition and support for the industry. Be it through soft support by way of engagement with key trade shows and exhibitions or more recognition of the industry as a separate entity requiring tailored support and subsidies, there is more to be done to enable the business events industry to maximise its contribution towards the Government’s target of £1 trillion worth of export by 2030.

Chris Skeith, director of EIA said:

“The EIA is in the privileged position to represent businesses across the industry from world-class venues to organisers hosting high profile shows across key business sectors and the crucial accredited suppliers that service them.

“As part of increasing our programme of advocating to MPs on behalf of our members we have been responding to Westminster Select Committee inquiries more frequently.

“We were glad to have an opportunity to reiterate the importance of the industry to the Business and Trade Committee and emphasise the huge potential it has to contribute positively to the Government’s aim to reach £1 trillion worth of exports.”

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Events Industry Alliance (EIA)
The Events Industry Alliance (EIA) is an alliance of trade associations created by the three event industry bodies: the Association of Event Organisers (AEO), the Association of Event Venues (AEV) and the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) to provide a group secretariat service in the events industry.

The EIA is working to increase the visibility of the events industry and ensure the events industry is counted.

About Association of Event Organisers (AEO)
Association of Event Organisers (AEO) is the trade body representing companies, which conceive, create, develop or manage trade and consumer events. It is run by its members for the benefit of its members through an elected council of representatives, specialist working groups and a fulltime secretariat.

Our aim is to be the voice of the event organising industry, to serve the collective needs of event organisers and to promote the interests of our members and the industry at large. AEO membership enables organisers to work with members of its sister organisations, Association of Event Venues (AEV) and Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA).

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Whether an international, national, regional, multi-purpose or specialist venue, the AEV offers the opportunity to connect with peers, learn, benchmark and share best practice for the benefit of individual businesses and the wider event industry. AEVs united presence ensures the voice of event venues is heard and interests represented in all relevant discussions within the sector and with the UK Government.

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We’re the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA), a trade body representing the very best suppliers of goods and services to the events industry. With a focus on Health & Safety, education, business development and driving excellence and shared best practice, ESSA and our members sit at the centre of the events community both in the UK and overseas.

We occupy a unique position amongst key industry stake holders by being part of the Events Industry Alliance. This alliance with the Association of Event Organisers and the Association of Event Venues gives ESSA and our members the opportunity to influence key initiatives and changes that can have a direct impact upon the whole sector. It also enables members access to several cross association working groups, networking events, conferences and forums, industry research and also benefiting from the impact of the ‘Use an ESSA Member’ campaign that targets organisers, venues and end users of the benefit of working with an ESSA member. On a day to day basis, we support our members with the provision of business essentials such as access to unlimited legal and HR advice, H&S support, insurance advice and a number of money saving group discounts.

Having established ourselves over the last 10 years (merger of BECA & AEC 2007), with our members we are the collective voice of the supplier and services sector.