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EA - Creative Industries’ Production Technician Apprenticeship approved for delivery

Highlighting the value of apprenticeships to the event industry, an increase in funding from £12,000 to £14,000 for the Creative Industries’ Production Technician Apprenticeship is a clear indication of the importance of creating event industry-related apprenticeships. This increase emphasises the value of these apprenticeships and the need to invest in the next generation of event industry professionals.

Events Apprenticeships are pleased to announce the Creative Industries’ Production Technician Apprenticeship Standard & End Point Assessment has been approved for delivery.

The Standard brings together three former apprenticeships:

1. Live Event Technician
2. Creative Venue Technician
3. Screen Lighting Technician

The combination of these three apprenticeships into the one Standard provides great breadth with core and optional modules. John MvEvoy emphasised, “While some training is shared across all strands, other elements are more specialised, with the sole purpose of preparing, building, setting up, and operating functioning systems for creative productions”.

The co-chairs for the standard are John Young, industry H&S practitioner and ex-Head of Technical Services, ATG and John McEvoy, Head of Business Delivery, White Light and PSA Council Member with Krisztina Biliczky from Screenskills.

John McEvoy said; “We’ve known for a while that there is a shortage of technicians coming into the events industry, and that employers are finding it difficult to attract new talent. We’re confident this new Standard will provide people with a route into our industry, and provide training and a recognised qualification that will give them the ability to develop their knowledge, and hopefully help with the skills shortage. We know there is an appetite from employers for this apprenticeship, so we’re hopeful that within a few years there will be 200+ starts per year across the three strands”.

Not only does this new Standard provide employers with a strategic pathway for workforce planning, but it presents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to broaden their approach to DEI, tapping into talented yet underrepresented groups.

With university or higher education being out of reach for many, the Creative Industries’ Production Technician Apprenticeship enables employers to consider ‘all people’, extending their net into a far more diverse talent pool, beyond barriers such as socioeconomic background, age or identity.

Richard Waddington, industry Lead for Events Apprenticeships said; “Apprenticeships have a vital part to play in growing the industry. Gaining a recognised qualification on completion of the apprenticeship is just one of the major benefits apprenticeships provide for people building their careers. As an industry we have come together as Events Apprenticeships to build, evolve and develop opportunities for people across the industry, at all levels, from every background”.

The IfATE website has published the Standard, which you can find at:

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