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Major Festival Research is underway

Major Festival Research is underway

After many years of looking at the best way to conduct such research and indeed find the funding AFO is delighted to announce that the research is now underway.

With the principal funder of the Events Industry Forum/Purple Guide and supporters from LIVE, NCASS, Music Venues Trust and others we have been able to secure the services of statistician Chris Carey from FFWD Research Group.

The question ‘How Many Festivals Are There?’ gave rise to this research. It is a question asked many times, not only by national government bodies, but local authorities, other festivals, artists, agents, managers and many associations, including festival trade industry suppliers. Everybody needs to know how many festivals there actually are in the country in order for them to measure the strength, quality and contribution of this corner of the outdoor events industry.

Here at AFO we are delighted to be able to get this work underway and very grateful in particular to the Events Industry Forum for providing the lion’s share of the necessary funding. The questionnaire/survey is being prepared and will be out amongst the industry in the next few weeks with a view to delivering results before the 2024 season.

For further information about the above contact Steve Heap, General Secretary, Association of Festival Organisers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 07836212899. See AFO website for details of the Association