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mia March 2024 Insights Report

mia March 2024 Insights Report

mia's survey, conducted in February 2024, reflects the response of 117 professionals representing organisations within the business meetings and events sector, with 74 (63%) representing an event venue and 37% an event supplier.

The findings present a positive financial outlook across the sector, with increased forecasts providing optimism for future bookings – which in themselves are on the rise.
Despite this, there are still a variety of matters that we as a sector must keep on the radar. We cannot ignore the vast evolution of events that we are anticipating taking place over the next 12 months.

Just half of venues (50%) are currently prepared for the introduction of Martyn’s Law, while 41% are set to introduce Instant Book this year. These two items alone will bring about significant change to our operations in 2024, so we must ensure we're all equipped to adjust accordingly. Read full report below.

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