Events Apprenticeship Framework launches to tackle industry’s talent shortage

Events Apprenticeship Framework launches to tackle industry’s talent shortage

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The UKEVENTS (formerly BVEP) Skills Talent & Diversity Working Group has launched its Events Apprenticeship Framework.

The framework will launch with five apprenticeship schemes, which include: Events Assistant, Live Event Technician, Creative Venue Technician, Live Event Rigger, and AV Event Technician.

It will be overseen by the new Events Apprenticeships Advisory Board (EAAB), which comprises employers and specialist expertise.

Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular route into the industry, with more than 500 Event Assistant apprentices entering the workplace between 2017 and 2021 (IfATE, 2022). According to UKEVENT’s 2020 UK Events Report, the business events industry employed 700,000 people in 2019. The association’s 2022 data, however, puts the figure anywhere between 140,000 and 560,000, a broad range backed up by UKCAMS and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). This reveals the scale of the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the sector.

With a clear reduction in overall staffing numbers, a structured apprenticeship programme is a sensible solution to tackling the shortage and presents a positive opportunity for growth.

Crowdfunding initiative launches

To help fund the Events Apprenticeship Framework, the EAAB has launched a crowdfunding initiative and has called for the industry’s support via donations and in promoting the new scheme to school leavers, those already working in the industry, or those considering a career change.

The EAAB says it is “imperative for the sector to have a robust and inclusive apprenticeship framework and to ensure longevity” and encourages any business able to contribute to do so. UKEVENTS has already provided seed funding, enabling a team of volunteers to build a strategy and lay out a clear plan.

Richard Waddington, Chair of EMA and a key figure behind the Events Apprenticeship Framework said: “When you talk to people about the events industry, it’s difficult to explain or understand, the Government doesn’t recognise it as a ‘professional industry’ and schools rarely talk about it as a potential career pathway – our aim is to change this.

“Whilst this is a massive ask in the current financial climate, the industry is crying out for people and there is an enormous untapped talent pool of people we’re not talking to, we need to bang the drum louder, have processes in place and attract people to this amazing industry.”

How to get involved

Those wishing to donate can do so here.

Suggested funding models:

Individuals: £25
Small businesses (up to 15 people): £250
Medium businesses (up to 60 people): £750
Large businesses (60 people and above): £2,000


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